Overview of Career Placement Cell

The Vivekananda Career Guidance training & Placement Cell is an integral part of the government Arts and Commerce College, Indore, which is running since 2005.

It started functioning in the session 2018-19 with the appointment of the committee which is listed below:-

Convener: - Dr. Kumbhan Khandelwal

TPO: - Ms. Kalpana Saxena

Student Representative: - Laxmikant Tyagi (MBA Previous)
                                          Ravi Chouhan (MBA Pervious)

The College is fully invested in providing sound infrastructure & human resources to maintain the training & placement cell & the resulting opportunities the cell provides to students of the college. The cell's primary objectives are to provide training & placements to college students.

• Organized activities which place throughout the academic year both in the college & local areas.

• Students are led to take the initiatives to develop their attitude in the work place, staff skills & are given the opportunity to develop technical skills alongside analytical capabilities.

• It aims to expose students to the nature of the corporate world therefore providing insight to their future career.

The placement cell constantly endeavors to help fulfill students aspirations by helping them choose the right career based on their interest & inclinations. In this regard it organizes various activities.

• Case study analysis to enhance the analytical skills.

• Presentation and group discussion to develop the presentation and discussion skill.

• Industry and Academic institution visit to get a live feel of corporate culture.

• Guest lecture from industry experts to learn about the career and corporate life.

• Guest lecture from academic experts to sharpen the academic perspective.

• Student clubs to expose the students to application of the managerial aspects like team spirit, planning, coordination, organizing leader ship skills, conflict management, time management etc.

• Conducts activities like: - Role Play, Extempore, Advertisement, Poster making, Self introspection etc.

• Feedback exchange.

We have MoU with established companies which provide exciting opportunities:

Organizati on with which MoU is signed Name of the institution/ industry/ corporate house Year of signing MoU Duration List the actual activities under each MoU year wise Number of students/teacher s participated under MoUs
JETKING JETKING 2018 5/2/2018 Development in Digital World 35
ORANCE ORANCE 2018 7/2/2018 Beauty and Welness 30
STEP UP STEP UP 2018 8/2/2018 Tally Training 35
R & D Creavity R & D Creavity 2018 May-18 Collaboration Tie Up 30
Indore Manageme nt Institute Indore Manageme nt Institute 2018 31/05/2018 Memorandum of Under Standing (T & P) 70
ReACTS & ReACTS & 2017 Memorandum of Under Standing (T & P) 35
ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth 2018 15/11/2018 Skill Development & Training Placement 60
IMA IMA, Indore 2017 28/12/2017 Student Chapter 40
PATH AWAY AHEAD PATH AWAY AHEAD 2018 12/7/2018 Training 60
TeamLease TeamLease 2014 1/5/2014 Skill Development & Training Placement 40

Vivekananda Career Guidance Training & Placement Cell is striving hard to get placement for the students which are mostly from the economically weaker section and rural background. Our training & placement cell works in accordance with the changing corporate sector to provide competitive & comprehensive training for our students.

Many students have benefited from compulsory work place training & workshops, seminars & many were successfully recruited by many standards companies.

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