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The Beginning and the Glorious Past of the Department:
Department of psychology independently started for both undergraduate and postgraduate level simultaneously in the year 1969-70. There was no technical hand in the beginning; the department started its journey with the help of devoted faculty members, with 20 students in M.A. Previous and 40 in B.A. The course was very traditional for all the classes at that time and experimental work was neither included at undergraduate level nor at postgraduate level. Initially Few experiments of B.A. level were incorporated in M.A. Final course. Dr. Gajanan Namdeo was the first faculty member from Psychology discipline who joined the department in July 1970. He put his best possible efforts at university as well as Government level to modify the syllabi of all classes in view of national stream. With the result the courses were modified and updated within 2-3 years by board of studies of Indore University.

Initially there was only one post of lecturer but the continuous efforts and interest of Dr. Namdeo and late Principal Prof. B.N. Luniya convinced the Govt. to sanction two posts (one professor and one Asst. Professor) and later on another post of Asst. professor and laboratory technician sanctioned by M.P. Govt. The other part of development was taken in hands to establish proper experimental laboratories with latest scientific apparatus, equipment and test material on one hand and to enrich college and departmental libraries by books and journals on the other. Principal Dr. Luniya gave a free hand to establish this department in a way the other university teaching department established. The proposals were moved to 3rd & 4th U.G.C. plan and also to govt. both assisted by grant of 04 & 05 lacs respectively for Psychology and Geography departments. With the result the college and departmental libraries have got original text, and rare reference books and back volumes of many journals and abstracts. The experimental laborites have almost all essentials instruments to conduct the experiments of different branches of Psychology and to administer various test materials to measure intelligence, Personality, interest, Achievements, Aptitude, and Attitudes etc. on human beings.

In the year 1979 the postgraduate classes of this department and Government New Girls College, Indore psychology were transferred to the University Teaching Department Indore to have combined study of PG courses in university as decided by the Department of Higher Education, M.P. Government. This policy could not be continued and again PG courses of psychology were shifted back to their original colleges in 1982-83 since then the department is running full-fledged including the facility for doing doctoral work i.e. Ph.D. courses with the help of 04 teaching and 1 laboratory staff. Now the department is well equipped with modern technology for teaching.

Dr. Gajanan Namdeo was the first head of the department and was succeeded by Dr. Shobhana Khare, Dr. Gopal Garg, Dr. Ramesh Sanghi, Dr. Saroj Kothari, Dr. Ashok Jain, and Dr. A.D. Kasture. Presently Dr. Kavita Rawat is the head of the Department.

The Department has organized seminars, exhibitions, guest lectures on different current topics for development of understanding of subject. The lectures and seminars were based on following topics:-
1. Psychology Disorders and Hypnosis, utility of psychological tests, Psycho-social aspects of depression, Diagnosis and Therapy of mental disorders, Research Mythology and Environment Psychology.
2. The guest speakers were Dr. S. Khetawat, Dr. Smita Agrawal, Dr. Krishnan, Dr. J.W. Sabhaney, Dr. M.K. Acharya, Dr. G. Mishra and Dr. Uday Jain.

The department well equipped with apparatus and test materials for the practical work. Since practical is an integral part of the course.

The major equipment facilities available in the department are:-
Equipment for Learning & Memory Experiment: - Memory drum, mirror drawing apparatus with accessories like stopwatches and stop clock, timers and metronome.
Equipments For Psychophysics And Perception Experiments:- Weight boxes, Muller lyre, perimeter for color zone mapping.
Equipment for attention, thinking and problem solving:- Tachistoscopes, materials for divisibility and fluctuation of attention, problems for problem solving, Kasanin - Hanfmann blocks for concept formation.
Equipment for motivation, emotion & color preference:- Photographs for emotions, color preference apparatus.

The major psychological testing facilities are: -
Test for assessing intelligence:- Including performance test for all age groups, verbal test for school going children and non verbal test for culturally different children.
Tests for aptitudes and special abilities:- Differential aptitude test, scientific aptitude test, etc.
Projective techniques:- Including the Rorschach Inkblot test, TAT, Make a picture story test, Lowenfeld Mosaic test, etc.
Test for personality other then projective:- All the 16 PF forms in Hindi and English, attitude scale for different issues, specific trait inventories, measures for locus of control, rigidity, n-approval, n-achievement, family environment, etc.
Test of adjustment, clinical problem, stress, life satisfaction and MMPI
Test for interest, career related variables, vocational-educational preferences, including test based on strong and Kuder techniques.

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