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One National Seminar was organized on “Gandhian Philosophy” on 27 Sep, 1979, under the headship of Prof. D.D. Bandisthe. The seminar was sponsored by U.G.C., New Delhi. State level seminar was organized with the cooperation by Khadi Gramodogya and Indore University in 1987.

Three days “Yoga Workshop” was successfully organized in the department in 1999. Previously Some Renowned Professor of Philosophy worked in the department. Their names are follows as:-

Prof. G.V. Kavishwar (Ex-Principal and Author of 4 books)
Prof. B.B.L. Nigam (Ex Principal, Madhav College, Ujjain)
Prof. D.D. Bandisthe (Author of 23 Books)
Prof. Surendra Verma (Author of 10 Books)
Prof. R.N. Vyas (Author of 25 Books)
Prof. Shakuntala Sinha (Author of 4 books)

Department of Philosophy started in 1961. Since 1961 onwards The department is actively engaged in research and teaching. Eminent scholars like Dr. G.W. Kavishwar, Dr. D.D. Bandishte, Dr. Surendra Verma, Dr. Shakuntala Sinha and Dr. V.K. Verma worked here in so many years. At present Dr. S.P. Pandey is working as a Head of Department(HOD) and two guest faculties are working. All the faculties are actively engaged in teaching and research, Dr. Pandey’s specialization is in Advaita Vedanta and Logic.

Many students have been conferred Ph.D. degree from the department. At present 7 students are pursuing their research. Department encourages its research scholars for good research work. Research scholars of the department frequently visit National level Institutes like Delhi University, JNU, BHU, Allahabad University, etc. for their research purpose.

The Department is subscribing 2 research journals. 60 seats are approved for PG students. Process of admission is adopted as per the rules laid down by the M.P. Higher Education Department, Bhopal. Syllabus is prescribed as per norms of M.P. Higher Education Department, Bhopal which is approved by DAVV, Indore. In PG course optional papers are available for the students. In syllabus making Dr. S.P. Pandey is a member of the Board of Studies, DAVV, Indore. On the ground of student’s feedback all members tried to introduce some new topics for the students. Ph.D. entrance exam syllabus and Ph.D. course work syllabus is drafted by the faculty member in the Board of Studies, DAVV, Indore.

In teaching learning process department generally uses lecture method, group discussion, dialog method, etc. Sometimes senior students also take UG classes. Department provides additional study material to the students. CCE is mandatory for each student, MCQ type question paper are prepared by staff. Department conducts Oral tests, discussions, problem based seminar for the weaker section students additional time and study material is given by staff.

Department provides internet facility to the students. For the overall personality development of the students department organizes special lectures on Yoga. Free counseling is provided to the students for their problems. Department is enhancing awareness towards environment and moral values amongst the students. Old students of the department frequently visit the department. In last 5 years several students were selected in various competitive exams. Naveen Dixit, Hemant Sharma, Manoj Argal, Neesha Upadhyay and Pushpendra Patel were selected as guest faculty in different colleges. Some students are working with NGOs. Naresh Koli was selected as a principal in a local school.Every year 75 % students of the department are getting above 60% marks in University level exam. Qualified and experienced teachers and well stocked college library are our strength but less job opportunities is our weakness. Due to which number of students seeking admission has declined. Philosophy is very popular subject for competitive exam. Many students of our department have been selected in various competitive exams. In the field of research there is also a vast scope. ICPR New Delhi is promoting researches in philosophy.

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