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The History department has a history as old as the college. This department was established in 1891 with the establishment of Holkar College with History as one of the seven subjects started at that time.

Historians like Dr. Dhar, Dr. Shanti Swaroop Verma, Dr. Dhariwal, Dr. B.N. Luniya, Dr. D. Shrivastava, Dr. I.S. Mehta and Dr. R.N. Trivedi were some of the faculty of this department. In 1961 due to administrative reasons the Holkar College and Government Arts and Commerce College were separated with Dr. D. Shrivastava as the Head of this department. Later on Dr. R.N. Trivedi, Dr. S.N. Yadav, Dr. C.K. Tiwari, Dr. Manazir Ahmad, Dr. J.C. Upadhyaya, Dr. Harbans Singh, Dr. Sultan Baig were the heads of this department.

In 1961 research facilities were given sanction by the University and it became a research centre. Till now more than 50 students have pursued and completed their Ph.D. work. Prof. Shobhna Vyas, a faculty of this department is a registered Ph.D. student. Many faculties from other government colleges have completed their research work from this department like Dr. Sunita Malviya, Dr. Sultan Baig, Dr. Shiva Khandelwal, Dr. M.L. Upadhyaya, Dr. Satya Prabha Chouhan, Dr. Manjulata Rawat, Dr. Ishwar Dawar.

Dr. Amita Choudhary, Prof. of History, MLB College, Bhopal completed her D.Lit. from this centre.

Dr. J.C. Upadhyaya has been the Chairperson Board of Studies (History). He was also the Main examiner MPPSC and headed Adult Education Department, DAVV, Indore. He was in-charge NSS and member of Advisory Committee MPPSC. He was also Convener M.Phil department where more than 300 students have got their degree in the past 15 years.

Dr. J.C. Upadhyaya and Dr. B.K. Punjabi have published books like ‘Rashtriya Chetna Aur Uska Vikas, France Ki Rajyakranti Aur Dilli Sultano Ke Adheen Malwa’ Dr. Menazir Ahmed had published books on European History. Many heads of this department have gone ahead to become principals like Dr. C.K. Tiwari, Dr. Harbans Singh and Dr. I.S. Mehta became Registrar DAVV, Indore. Dr. S.N. Yadav has been Vice-chancellor of A.P. University, Rewa.

Objectives of the Department:
1. Raising the academic standard of the teaching staff and the students.
2. To develop research attitude in the students.
3. To help meritorious students prepare for competitive exams.
4. To help the weaker students pursue their studies.

Teaching Learning and Evaluation:
The department uses different teaching-learning practices like lecture method, using globe, maps, and charts. Time is given to all the specific components of the syllabus. Stress is laid on the difficult part and time is spent to explain the choice to above. There is horizontal mobility where students have a choice to choose subjects as we have a unified syllabus. At the BA level choice of paper is not given but optional papers are provided for MA.

After each lecture informal discussions are held and if the students do not understand anything they are free to ask. The college has a suggestion box where students have dropped their feedback forms apart from informal feedback taken in the classrooms.

● Qualified and experienced teachers
● It is a research centre and one of the oldest departments of our city.
● It has a rich departmental and central library.
● Many eminent historians like Dr. B.N. Luniya, Dr. Menazir Ahmed, Dr. I.S. Mehta, and Dr. J.C. Upadhyay, Dr. B.K. Punjabi were part of this department. They are the pillars of inspiration for us.
● This College is one of the oldest and largest college in M.P. and hence the department gets the credit of having the largest number of students at UG and PG level.

The students have vast opportunity to go in for Tourism, Archaeology, Numismatics, Competitive Exams and teaching.

● The major challenge of the department is to ensure the very existence of the subject itself as the number of enrollment to the subject was decreasing day by day because of the grouping enforced by DAVV but fortunately last year the No. of students at the BA I year level has increased.
● To make the history curriculum more relevant so that history as a subject becomes more attractive and job oriented.
● To keep the interest of the students alive and make use of the latest technology.
● In order to keep the subject alive among the students and to make it interesting study tours to the historical places should be organized and made a part of the syllabus.

Future Plans:
● In view of the growing tourism industry in India, this department is emphasizing on tourism related vocational courses like Eco-Tourism, Rural-Tourism etc. In the near future the department will undertake number of such courses.
● To hold Seminars and extension lectures

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